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<p><center>Seasoned Consultants</center>

Seasoned Consultants

With Deep Industry And Analytical Knowledge
  • Average of 15 years consulting experience
  • Relationship based service rather than transactional
  • Seasoned consultant(s) you work with at initial engagement are the consultant(s) who will work through out the project life cycle
  • We are rewarded based on the client achieving mutually agreed to value based targets


Free Business Value Analytics Software
  • Deep customer understanding
  • In-depth insight into marketing programs across all channels
  • Track and cheap price viagra Measure successful marketing initiatives
  • Easy to use intuitive Dashboards and Reporting
  • Predictive Marketing Analytics for optimal business outcomes
<p><center>Positive Business Outcomes</center>

Positive Business Outcomes

  • Improve cross-sell and up-sell campaigns
  • Increase revenue through volume and price optimization
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduce business risks by aligning with changing market needs
  • Penetrate new markets better and faster

Eminent Logic Generates Results

A Global Consumer Products Company was in a bind. Their marketing strategies were not paying off and they were losing market share and buy viagra prescription profit margins were eroding.  Their products were not selling the way they thought they  should and their competitors were winning opportunities from them.  This was the result of the deterioration of their value proposition in the customers’ minds eye.

The Result:

Eminent Logic marketing consultants worked with the company on their marketing strategies to reposition a number of key brands to a more relevant and dynamic value positioning. In addition, our consultants developed and launched a successful new product that became number 1 in the market. Market share rebounded for the company accompanied by significant margin improvement.