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<p><center>Seasoned Consultants</center>

    Seasoned Consultants

    With Deep Industry And Analytical Knowledge
    • Average of 15 years consulting experience
    • Relationship based service rather than transactional
    • Seasoned consultant(s) you work with at initial engagement are the consultant(s) who will work through out the project life cycle
    • We are rewarded based on the client achieving mutually agreed to value based targets


    Free Business Value Analytics Software
    • Leverage the power of data to generate actionable insights to make strategic business decisions
    • Timely data visibility for faster more confident decision making
    • Track and Measure Outsourcing performance
    • Quantify impact on outsourcing strategies to company financial performance
    • Flexible, easy to use intuitive Dashboards, Metrics and Reporting
<p><center>Positive Business Outcomes</center>

    Positive Business Outcomes

    • Lower operational costs and increase operational efficiencies
    • Improved quality
    • Increase ROI
    • Increase profitability
    • Predict future outcomes
    • Align outsourcing strategies to company initiatives to be of a company advantage

    Eminent Logic Generates Results

    A logistic company was looking to into outsourcing certain part of their business so that they can focus on their core competencies. They wanted to understand the financial impact of outsourcing that area of the business and wanted to understand the best strategy going forward.

    The Result:

    Eminent Logic consultant showed the client the financial impact of outsourcing their non core business and how it would impact their bottom line. A 40% costs savings was the business outcome of this project.

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