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We are a Business Value Analytics company focusing on creating, measuring and viagra canada pharmacy delivering business value. We help our clients generate real business outcomes over time by revenue enhancement and cost optimization with the goal of increasing their overall value, margins, returns, and market position.

What does Business Value mean? The term is used so fervently in today’s business world that it has lost it’s under lying meaning. To us, business value is delivering tangible business outcomes positively effecting the health of a company in the short and long run.

With us, Business value is created through the use of our Free Business Value Analytic application and Services synergistically. Together, we help organizations make insightful decisions that produce profitable outcomes.

We are an US privately held company having offices in Portland Oregon and San Jose California.



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📕Our Story

For over 10+ years our seasoned business consultants have been generating tangible business outcomes for our clients on their project goals and objectives. Our mission was not to just be another “business consulting” firm. We were compelled to find ways to be more innovative and create more value for our clients and our company.

We wanted to be able showcase to our clients what we do and how we do it in real time so they can visualize and see the value being  created every step of the way. Our goal was to develop one application that can be used by any business executive no matter their size or industry. This application needed to be easy to use, simple to understand and helped companies be more efficient and effective in the way they do business. This application needed to guide a company to success by showing them the right path in their decision making and helping them understand how changes impact their business unit or company as a whole. And lastly but not least, we wanted to uniquely tie our product to our services.

In January of 2012, eLogic business value analytics came to fruition. What better way to say our product was developed based on our clients feedback together with our vast consultative experience. Our product is truly client value based.

Present Day Business Analytic Landscape

The business analytic landscape is very overwhelming and to be honest very complex. Company’s wants to sell you their products and services along with their kitchen sink. Their software is confusing not only to use but to understand as well.

You pay for their products, upgrades, licensing, training, customizing the application and not to mention servicing the product to meet your needs. This results in time, money and valuable resources. To make matters worse, your challenges and issues still exist and ultimately you get hefty price tag in your hand with no real value to show.

We believe a software application only does what you tell it to do. So if you’re not an analytical expert and do not have the right skill sets, the information collected to run your analysis may not be valid to the actual business problem you are trying to solve. Therefore, the output derived becomes benign and business value is not optimally created.

👥Why Us?

We take on a different approach:

  • We are seasoned Business consultants who generate tangible business outcomes for our clients on their project goals and objectives
  • We are a Relationship based service rather than transactional
  • Eminent Logic does not follow the age-old service business model, but rather Seasoned  consultant(s) you work with at initial engagement are the consultant(s) who will work through out the project life cycle
  • Eminent Logic is rewarded based on the client achieving mutually agreed to value based targets
  • We understand clients today don’t want all the bells and whistles that comes with software, they just want solutions to their problems. They don’t want more complexity but simplicity. They don’t want extra cost but more value. Our product is used as part of our services and ties in uniquely every step of the way
  • You don’t pay for the software and what comes with it
  • No training is involved and most importantly, we right away start addressing your needs

Today we continue to enhance our products based on the feedback from our clients and vast industry analytical experience. After all, we only succeed if our clients are successful.

Our Mission

We are purposed to help a business make profitable decisions ahead of time.

Our Mission drives everything else: what we do, how we do it, and for whom we work.

We are dedicated professionals united in one accord, like-minded and steadfast as a business value analytic company.

We employ people who serve and help identify built-to-last transformative business solutions.

We feel how well our employee serves depends on how they are motivated, respected and trained.

It is not just what we are doing, but what we are becoming in the process that gives us our distinct value, uniquely human and partnered to help businesses achieve depth of insight for decision-making.

Our Values

Our culture values the client from the inside out. We put our clients at the top. Eminent Logic is built to serve clients and be accountable to them. To this end,we emphasize the core values below:

Spirit Of Unity“One Team, One Voice, and One Purpose”, in helping people reach ultimate success in their business.

We approach each and every client as a unique opportunity to demonstrate our deep beliefs of honesty, business competence, confidentiality and being straightforward.

Spirit Of integrity – We work with ethical standards and seek clients who have the same philosophy. We believe this is key to long-term success for any organization.

At the core of what we do, we expect to earn the sacred trust of the clients we work with by demonstrating our trustworthiness for deliverables yielding tangible business valued results using reliable measurements.

Through our work and services, we will demonstrate our values. Not short term changes with small impact, incremental impact or slight setbacks, but perspectives with depth of insight for success charting positive improvement, competiveness and steady growth.

Spirit Of Accountability – “RIGHT MOVES” (our noblesse oblige); “RIGHT MARKS” (our professional competency); “RIGHT MEANS” (our structural integrity).

We believe in a common sense approach, not commonly practice today, which serves as the standard for our mantra each and every day we engage with our customers.

How we manage our energy is directly related to what we wish for ourselves. Are you busy doing things or are you being effective in producing results?


We are Eminent Logic.